Medicare supplement plan J is also known as the Medigap supplement plan J, and it covers certain medical costs that are not covered by the Medicare cover. Even though the supplement plan J is not available anymore, it is still active for those who enrolled with it before the 01st of June 2010. The plan J is designed to cover the gaps in part A and B coverages of the basic Medicare insurance plan. The main areas that plan J covers are:

  • Emergency care while traveling overseas
  • Special care by skilled nursing facilities
  • Excess expenses of Medicare part B
  • Deductibles of part A and B of the Medicare plan
  • Allowing for home recovery
  • Preventative care that Medicare doesn’t cover – allowed up to $120.

There are some healthcare issues that are still not covered by Medicare supplement plan J. Some of these include hearing aid, eye-glasses, dental care, vision care, long term nursing care and private nursing care. Plan J ceased to enroll new entrance from June 2010 due it had very similar benefits to the Medicare supplement plan F cover. Plan F is considered the most comprehensive out of all the Medicare supplement plans out there.

Because of the similarities in plan J and F, plan J was terminated on 31st May 2010. The patients who enrolled before this date would enjoy all the benefits offered to them in the original plan. They are treated as a special group of customers and cared for. These people have nothing to worry about losing the benefits of their coverage. These benefits are guaranteed until their coverage expires. Plan J holders have a chance to upgrade their coverages to a more comprehensive plan in the market.

The aforementioned information will help you to get a comprehensive overview about the Medicare supplement plan J.

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