Getting the best term life insurance rates is not about finding the best life insurance companies. It really is about knowing what the insurance companies are looking for.  When you break it down to the simplest pieces to get the best term life insurance rates you have to focus on age, health, history, and activities.

Age and Family History

These are the two pieces of the term life insurance rates puzzle that you have no control over.  You are the age you are, and you have the family history that you have.  If you are a man and all the men in your family have died of heart attacks then your life insurance rates are going to be higher.  What you can control is how soon you get your life insurance.  The younger you are when you get your term life insurance quotes the less expensive your premiums will be.  No matter what your family history all the best life insurance companies abide by the younger is better rule.

Your Overall Health

Getting your health to be as good as you can before you get your quotes can significantly help your chances of getting lower term life insurance premiums.  By dropping an extra ten pounds and doing some decent exercise you can have a very positive effect on your chances of getting classified in the premium insurance rate category.  If you are seriously overweight or have high cholesterol or high blood pressure then getting those conditions under control will net you a much lower insurance premium.

You can also look into no medical exam life insurance, but expect to pay a higher premium.


Your occupation and activities can have a big effect on how much you pay for your insurance.  If your job is to be up in a bucket truck fixing power lines then your life insurance premiums will be higher than the guy who sits in an office selling widgets over the internet.  This also goes for common activities.  People who smoke should stop.  Some companies do not make you wait very long ,two to five years, to get the smoker tag off of your application.  Life insurance for smokers is ridiculously more expensive than standard life insurance rates.  Any other recreational activities that are dangers, bungee jumping or sky diving, will also cause your rates to move up significantly.

By paying careful attention to these different areas that the top life insurance companies use to decide what your term life insurance rates will be, you can get the lowest possible rates for your life insurance needs.

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